Conference Rooms

We offer the latest in training and conference room technology and design. As a business owner, I understand that training your employees and holding meetings to discuss the past, present, and future of the company is absolutely necessary to stay ahead of your competition. Conference rooms are also a good place to meet new clients and educate them on the values of your company.

Another aspect of an up-to-date conference room is the ability to web conference with both audio and video. Birmingham Home Theater can install a state-of-the-art conference room in your office space that will allow members of the meeting to be anywhere in the world. You will be able to see and hear them as if they were sitting at the table with you. Now there is less of a need to fly across the country in order to hold a meeting, thereby saving your company money in travel and labor expense.

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Security and Surveillance

Protect your investment, keep tabs on employees and customers, and monitor your security cameras from anywhere in the world via the internet. Of course, since it's designed and installed by Birmingham Home Theater, it will always be simple and easy to use. 

Controlled access features allow you to keep certain people out at certain times and track who does come in and out at any time. ID tags will allow full monitoring of your employees and staff.

Unfortunately, we live in a litigious society. People often fake slips and falls in order to gain money from a business that they may not necessarily deserve. A high quality, properly designed and installed recordable camera system can virtually eliminate false litigation for these types of cases.

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Opening a sports bar or a family restaurant? Make it come alive with TVs and sound! We can fill the place up with every sports game imaginable. Or, we can provide an elegant solution for an upscale, white tablecloth venue. We have experience in all types of restaurants and we will work with your interior designer, builder, and architect in order to achieve a proper balance of atmosphere and technology.

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Dental Offices

Birmingham Home Theater has an incredible amount of experience with dental offices. We have helped numerous dentists achieve an office experience their customers love to visit. Very few dental clients enjoy waiting in the lobby with nothing but an old magazine to thumb through. And even fewer want to think about that metal pick or a drill in their mouth! Why not distract and entertain them with a nice TV or soothing sound system?

There is much more involved than simply mounting a TV to the wall. Allow us to visit your office and consult with you on how to make your clients fall in love with you, your office, and even that dreaded chair!

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Commercial Pre-Construction Consulting

We offer pre-construction consulting that addresses everything from technical engineering issues including wiring, amplification, display selection and speaker placement to aesthetic considerations including seating, shades, and lighting. We can guide you through important issues such as sizing the room properly and selecting the proper materials to reflect, absorb or diffuse sound. We are happy to team with your architect, designer, and builder to create a media room tailored to meet your lifestyle.

Pre-construction consulting can help alleviate extra costs that could incur after the construction of your new home or renovation is complete, by designing and installing the proper pre-wire configuration prior to sheetrock installation. We also partner with prominent architects, designers, and builders in order to provide a full-service solution for your home or office. Our highly professional team will help you to create an appropriate combination of style and technology.

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