Meet The Owner

Hello, I am Justin William Hardy, owner of Birmingham Home Theater. I grew up in Gulf Shores, went to Auburn University, graduated in Civil Engineering, worked as a Structural Engineer for 5 years, and in 2002 founded this company. But this company isn't about me, it's about you…and you'll love us. Here are a few reasons why:

You will have the very best in customer service.

I love to compete against any AV company, anywhere. I know, without a doubt that I will beat them in both quality of installation and service to you, every time. When we set a time to meet, I'll be there on time. We are members of the Better Business Bureau and maintain a perfect track record. I'll even give you a list of the other AV companies in the Southeast so you can meet them and see for yourself.

Your system will be extremely easy to use.

I guarantee, in writing, that you will love your new system and you will know how to work every detail of it, or we won't get paid. I provide an entire year of free in-home service just in case any tweaking is needed. I will give you my cell phone number and, yes, I can be reached after hours when you'd get an answering machine with any other company.

You will have wonderful equipment.

Nothing I use is cheap. I only use quality, reliable products that will provide years of enjoyment. I understand that there are budgets to be met, and I will maximize every single dollar you spend, but if you're looking for a home theater that comes in a box, call Best Buy. Your system will reflect your lifestyle and will be something to be proud of.

You will never be over budget.

I take extra time up front to give you a full package price. I will let you know of unknowns in the project before we start. If I run into installation issues, they are my issues, not yours. I do not itemize and I do not make excuses. You may want your project to increase in size as we go, but that will be your decision to make. I quote a package and a package is what you will get, no hourly rates and no up-charges.

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